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Five Bar Gate

  1. Dig the holes 900mm deep and make sure the posts are set in the width of the gate less 50mm.
  2. Offer the gate up to the posts to see what ground clearance you will need when the gate is open as well as being closed.
  3. Fix the hinges to the gate (19mm drill bit for the adjustable bottom hinge, 10mm drill bit for the top strap bolts).
  4. Block the gate up to the posts so that the required ground clearance is achieved. Mark the under side of the hinges on the post and use this to give you position of the hinge pins.
  5. Fix pins to posts and hang gate on posts.
  6. Adjust the bottom hinge to ensure that the gate is level. When level secure the catch to the gate and post.
  7. Stand back and admire a job well done!

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